Dear customers, friends and family of Mazzei,

These are challenging times as Australia and the international community work together in the wake of COVID-19. Despite these current events, Mazzei remains committed to delivering to our customers the highest standard of home possible while maintaining a safe work environment to all of our staff and trades. We’re doing our best to ensure our business remains steady, with your health and the health of our people and trades our number one priority.

In line with the announcements by the Victorian State Government in regard to Stage Four restrictions, we have modified our operations, both onsite and at our office, to ensure compliance to the new regulations. Our approach is to ensure the utmost safety to all of our stakeholders, doing our utmost to reduce potential Covid transmissions, while continuing to operate under allowable conditions. I would like to outline a number of key points of how Mazzei are managing the current situation below.

In regard to changes on-site under Stage Four restrictions, these are summarised below:

  • Reduced number of people onsite to a maximum of five people, plus a supervisor, at any one time;
  • Limited movement between different sites where possible;
  • Specialist trades can move between no more than three sites per week;
  • No carpooling to or from work;
  • No more than one person per four square metres of enclosed workspace;
  • Enhanced Covid safe practices on site and strict adherence to Covid Safe Plan.

Further to this, we have introduced extended Covid safe practices in the workplace:

  • Our Malvern Road office is closed to all staff and visitors. The majority of us have been working remotely since March so there will be minimal change here. We will continue to always be available over email/phone and meetings will continue over Zoom.
  • Webster Architecture and Interiors office is closed during this period. We have been running video meetings successfully with clients, us and WAI office since March and this will continue during Stage Four.
  • Displays, show homes and homes under construction will be closed for on-site visits. During Stage 4 restriction, onsite inspections will occur via video walkthroughs. When Stage Four restrictions are removed, we anticipate being able to allow site visits once again.
  • Visits to showrooms will be closed during this period. All suppliers are staying open this time for delivery and samples can be delivered and virtual showroom tours can be also. We have been working with our suppliers since February  to ensure continuity of supply to site and so far have not experienced or forecast any major product delays.

We remain as committed as ever to being with you on this exciting journey even during trying times, and while no business will be immune from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I can assure you that the Mazzei Group is in a strong position to confidently address current challenges.

I wish you health and safety for you and your family and I assure you, we will be on the front foot with updates as circumstances evolve and new information comes to light. Please reach out to us should you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Mazzei