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Mazzei custom design philosophy

At Mazzei, we believe that the success of your new home relies on the choices you make during your design phase. Through our years of experience, we have seen the amazing results that can be achieved through good design, and how often this is under used. This is why we place design at the heart of what we do and have developed a process that allows our clients to work with the best residential designers in the industry.

Our designs embrace concepts of  light, space and modernity whilst achieving a sense of timelessness. We understand that every client’s brief, family, lifestyle and stylistic preference is unique – and that’s what we love about what we do. For you, designing your home may be hundreds of hours of planning.  For us and the WAI design team it’s our life’s passion.

Achieving a great architectural outcome only gets you so far though. Your design needs to be tested against ‘buildability’ and cost considerations. Mazzei works alongside you and WAI at the outset to provide constant updates on these pressures. The result? A stunning architectural home with construction cost assurances.

“In my life, design has been my passion, my inspiration and my lifeblood. There is nothing more motivating than sharing a dream with a client, and working together to create it.”
– Dan Webster, Director, Webster Architecture & Interiors 


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